About Dr. Kurt Hahn and Gordonstoun School

Dr. Kurt Hahn is the founder of Gordonstoun, a leading co-educational school located in Elgin, Scotland. He is famous because he is the person behind the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which in collaboration with Prince Phillip, developed at Gordonstoun. The award has changed many people’s lives from almost 150 countries, […]

Landmark Case Championed By Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP Dean Omar Branham is Fixed Income’s legal advisor for intellectual property and technology law. He’s made many case studies, from the company’s early-stage companies to its major successes. You’ll learn about one of those case studies, how Dean Omar Branham, LLP, […]

 Logistics and Supply-chain Tech

Integrating technology in different organizational activities has become common, and most firms are carrying out their activities digitally. Logistics and supply chain management is among the activities companies are carrying out with the help of technology. Most firms have greatly benefited from the migration, resulting in high productivity. To ideally […]