Andrew Frame, Founder of Citizen

Andrew Frame is an entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO of the Citizen app. Frame built Citizen to create an app that would have global reach, be goal-oriented, and improve the world. He says that in the market, be realized no technological products in the market offered safety services for free.

Frame began his journey as an entrepreneur at 15, when he set up his first company, an ISP (Internet Service Provider. Before founding Citizen App, Frame had founded Ooma, a consumer VoIP company. As an entrepreneur, Frame acknowledges that prioritizing his ideas has helped make sure some of Citizen’s projects have come to fruition.

He believes that his mission-oriented team is also a major factor in this, providing amazing skills and ideas. Andrew frame believes that the possibilities of smartphones are still in their infancy. He feels that phones have a bigger potential for fulfilling basic human needs. He believes that Citizen is doing this by using phones to enhance safety.

Andrew feels like his passions outside of work have made him a better entrepreneur. He is inspired by reading literature, poetry, and watching films. To add, he encourages this habit amongst his team.

Andrew Frame believes that considering consumer feedback has helped develop his business. He believes Citizen’s engagement of app users in team meetings has helped come up with some of its top features.

A typical day for Andrew Frame is waking up early in the morning. During these hours, he is most productive. He meets his team at 7 am and later spends the day working on projects within Citizen. The Frame rests on exploring his hobbies like ballroom dancing, reading, and cooking.

About Andrew Frame

Andrew is a successful and well-known American entrepreneur, a former hacker, and the creator and CEO of Citizen App. He was born in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States. He resides in New York, New York, USA. His entire net worth is believed to be in the $15 million USD range. Visit this page for related information.


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