Franci Neely The Great

Franci Neely is the pioneer of the Franci Neely Foundation and a dedicated philanthropist who believes in a simple motto: “If you do good, other people will follow.”

Franci is proud to be an advocate for student organizations and youth groups. She also enjoys working with nonprofits every week due to her busy schedule.

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These projects are just one way she spreads her messages of hope that change begins in one person’s heart.

Franci is the founder of The Franci Neely Foundation, a nonprofit organization that partners with other charities and foundations to bring about self-sustaining change for children.

Since its inception, the foundation has raised hundreds of dollars to support youth programs and scholarships.

She is retired after serving as a partner at Susman Godfrey, L.L.P. in Houston, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions, and securities law.

As a partner, she was responsible for representing the firm’s clients in a wide variety of transactions across various industries.

Franci Neely is also working with nonprofit organizations, such as Moody Center for the Arts, and the Baker Institute, a Rice University research center.

Franci Neely supports the arts and education through her work at the Houston Arts Alliance, where she serves as president of the board of directors.

She is also an active board member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Foundation and Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University.

She is a graduate of Austin’s School of Law and the University of Texas, where she received a bachelor’s degree in art history.

As an entrepreneur, one thing she repeatedly does and recommends others to do is to wait before committing to any philanthropy because rushing decisions can lead to regrets.

She is a lover of traveling. She has traveled to many countries, including Africa and the Asian continents.

Franci also loves photography while on trips she can’t leave her camera behind.

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