Bruno Jorge Fagali, the Self-Made Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is the co-founder of the FAGALI advocates. In his work, he is excellent and recognized as an expert in matters law. His career is focused on Public and Anti-Corruption Law. His law company usually looks for clients who can have concerns regarding administration contracts, civil liability methods, accountability procedures and administrative processes, bidding law, civil law, administrative improbity executions, traditional actions, regulatory law, public civil activities, and expropriations.

In his endeavors, he has been coming up with ways to clean up corrupt people, companies, and governments. Bruno Fagali has observed that corruption in firms, also large organizations come from mainly misused funds. The corruption cases have risen in Brazil recently, and involved leaders like the presidency causing civil strikes in the nation. This graft rise has made him be in demand because he is very qualified in the litigation of the cases. Bruno can come up with solutions that when carried out come up with good results. He also serves the private companies with services that deal with corruption. He creates transparency with training employees enhancing ethics and accountability.

Bruno has been hired and contracted by companies like Nova/Sb as a Corporate Integrity Manager. The Brazil-based company makes adverts for the government and large global organizations like the W.H.O and the International Labour Organization. He fairly distributes roles in organizations to ensure fair treatment of members and employees in all positions and offices.

Initially, as his career was budding, he was an intern in several law firms. He rendered services to Radi, Calil and Associados. Bruno went to Pontifical Catholic University where he undertook his Bachelors in Law.

At the moment, Bruno Fagali is a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics being an associate at the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics. He has gotten compliances from several sectors. In 2017 he has complied with Gifting and the Ethical practice in offices. In 2016, he fulfilled with Pharmaceutical and Health Industry and Legal Ethics Compliance of Brazil. He was trained on how the state law worked in 2010, and he has progressively made himself acquainted with the parliamentary law.

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