Working with Securus Technologies to Catch Fugitives

One of my responsibilities as a fugitive hunter is gathering information that leads to a quick arrest of a fugitive. When these suspects are on the run from the law, they need weapons, cash, shelter, food, and transportation. If they do not have a support network, then they usually resort to crimes to get what they need. The suspect that we were hunting had a history of violent crimes, so it was urgent that we go to him before he put an innocent person at risk of injury.


It wasn’t long before we got information our suspect had in fact robbed a home, sold the goods, and was using the cash to feed a drug habit and get him identification so he could start a new life outside the country. If we did not get a solid lead soon, he would slip through the net and be a country away in short order.


Fearing that time was running out, we raced to the local jail in the hopes one of the inmates could provide us some information to close the gap on the suspect. Inmates usually will not talk to officers because of fear of getting labeled as a rat, so we turned to Securus Technologies to help. The company installed a call monitoring system in the jail that could pick up on unique chatter from the inmates each time they used the phone. CEO Rick Smith says his company is dedicated to making the world safe, and by being in 2,600 jails, he is seeing results.


Little did any of my team realize the suspect had made several enemies when he would not cut them in on their share of the robberies, and the conversations they had over the phone gave us more than enough information to locate and arrest our suspect.