Mark Hutchinson Strives to Protect Biodiversity through WildArk

Born and raised in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales, Mark was just like any other child. He had a very close relationship with his father who traveled a lot due to job duties. When Mark was 8 years old, his father found a full-time job in Sydney. This is where he found his inspiration from as the area was bare and full of bushes. It is was naturally wild, and at this moment his passion for wilderness adventure grew. After enrolling at the University of Sydney to study Bachelor of Economics, Mark started his own personal training business to enlighten and inspire people about the wild. He conducted this missions via his entrepreneurial skills. Today he has over 10 years’ experience in the field and owns several businesses ventures that focus on training and traveling. Learn more:


His main desire is to make the world better in terms of creating a natural state for the future generations. In regard to this, he started his own company, WildArk in 2016. The company is a landmark and primarily focuses on protecting world’s biodiversity and connects people and communities with the natural wonder of the world. In doing this, he hopes to inspire people to start protecting the failing ecosystem. The company has done a tremendous job in South Africa after it started its conservancy program in the Kruger Region early in 2017. He mostly uses digital platforms to connect with people across the globe. He is a bird nerd and enjoys taking their photography. Learn more:


About Mark Hutchinson


Mark Hutchinson is an enthusiast of nature. He is very hardworking, a habit-driven person, and an early riser. He observes his diet so much and green smoothie, tea, and biodynamic yogurt are among his favorites. He is a responsible and a committed father and husband. When free, he spends most of his time with his family, surfing, or exploring wilderness locations. Apart from being a visionary leader, Mark considers himself as a person who is free and open to ideas, anxieties, and solutions. This helps him to be more productive. Today, his company, WildArk, has received and gained a high reputation across the world, and through getting the right people on board. the company is expected to continue to grow in years to come. Learn more: