Doe Deere’s Calming and Pleasant Morning Practices

Doe Deere is a powerful part of the modern beauty scene. That’s thanks to her role as the hard-working founder of a widely recognized cosmetics brand by the name of “Lime Crime.” Lime Crime is an acclaimed makeup brand that has one central goal. That goal is to totally transform the world of makeup application. Deere and Lime Crime as a whole encourage people to showcase their personalities with confidence and enthusiasm. That’s the reason Lime Crime focuses on cosmetic products that can contribute to appearances that are distinctive, memorable and totally fresh. Vibrant and dazzling colors are always the focal point for Deere and the rest of the diligent Lime Crime team.


Deere is a makeup aficionado who is perpetually thinking about style. She spends a lot of time wondering what she can do next to make beauty easier and more attainable for her many fans across the planet. That doesn’t mean, though, that she doesn’t put in the time to look after herself. Sleep is always a massive priority. She’s not the type of person who ever brags about running on insufficient rest. Deere, because of that, sleeps for a pleasant and relaxing nine full hours each night. She links great rest to fantastic skin. Deere believes that people who don’t get enough sleep often suffer from complexions that look and feel fatigued, dull and totally lifeless.


Deere has a morning regimen that’s reliable and tried and tested. She’s been participating in her morning activities for quite some time now. She likes to stretch her body a bit every morning. She thinks that stretching helps her physique stay resilient and mobile. This is essential for anyone who leads the demanding life of a makeup brand founder! Deere is also a passionate advocate of the importance of water consumption. She always makes sure she drinks H20 soon after waking up. She has concerns that involve the overly dry air that’s so common in Los Angeles, California, her place of residence. She thinks that hydration can help combat the negative effects of severe dryness.


Deere puts a lot of time and effort into her makeup application techniques on a daily basis. That shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. Deere’s makeup always looks impeccable and flawless. It always looks on point regardless of what her plans for the day are. If Deere wants to impress people, she reaches for a foundation that’s made by MAC called Studio Fix. If Doe simply wants to look good for a day of basic work, she reaches for a L’OrĂ©al foundation that’s known as True Match. She’s been relying on both foundations for a while now.


Doe Deere is someone who has an intense love of beauty and fashion. She’s also someone, however, who has been a big music lover practically since day one. She even used to perform in a band. She was a musician back when she resided in bustling New York, New York. Her adoration for music continues to this day. It won’t stop any time soon, either.