Paul Mampilly Analyzes the Chipping Technology

Paul Mampilly is enthusiastic about getting chipped. That means that more employees will allow their employers to place a radio-frequency ID or RFID chip through a surgical procedure. It is put in the area between the employees’ thumbs and forefingers. Three Square Market is one of the companies that have recently given its employees this option. It is a chip that enables workers to get access to various things without a key, password, license or credit or debit card. For instance, employees of Three Square Market no longer require security cards to use copy machines or open doors. They also don’t expect their credit or debit cards after buying something from the snack room. The chip enables the purchase to be automatically billed to them.

Paul says that he knows that many individuals do not support the idea of this new technology because of privacy concerns. However, he is not worried about the issue, noting that some people will always resist the introduction of new technology forms. Paul notes that after some time people realize that technology improves their lives. He notes that people should ignore negative information about this new technology because it will make it easier to pay for items, and contact him.

Paul Mampilly also notes that carrying around documents in your wallet is unnecessary and it is a nuisance. He further notes that chipping people will help save hundreds of hours because they don’t have to waste time searching for cards to pay for items after buying. Paul also notes that the financial sector is experiencing a revolution, and people are improving towards the chipping direction. Consequently, Paul added stocks related to this new technology to the portfolio of Profits Unlimited. The share has increased in seven months by approximately 50 percent. Paul views the increase as a good idea to research other similar stocks and includes them in the newsletter’s portfolio as well.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Montclair State University in 1990. He earned his masters of Business Administration in 1996 from Fordham Graduate School of Business. Paul retired from his position as a hedge fund manager to started publishing a newsletter known as Profits Unlimited.

Paul Mampilly said that one of the habits that make him more productive is continually following the same routine each day. He further notes that he regularly tracks his stocks and reads up on his shares so that he does not miss any new information. Paul says that the idea of his startup originated from the fact that he wanted to leave Wall Street because he felt that it was not helping enough people, and read full article.