Betsy DeVos Philanthropy Work in America

Betsy DeVos, born in 1958, was raised in Christian Reformed Church. She studied and graduated from schools which enjoyed a close association with traditions. Betsy went to Holland Christian high school and Calvin College in Grand Rapids where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics. She is the daughter of Elsa Prince and Edgar Prince who are industrialist billionaires. Both her parents are from Dutch. Prince Edgar is the sole founder of Prince Corporation. This corporation is the renowned automobile parts supplier in Holland.


Betsy’s husband, Richard Marvin Jr., popularly known as “Dick” is a billionaire who runs Amway Parent Company from the year 1993 to 2002. Her husband has been donating funds to social causes and conservative political campaigns. He owns Orlando Magic NBA basketball team. He is one of the wealthy Americans ranked by Forbes. Betsy DeVos is currently the education secretary in the United States of America under Donald Trump’s administration. Betsy Devos has worked countrywide for the sole purpose of reforming schools and supporting the development of charter schools. She’s a strong advocate for school vouchers, and she has worked all over the nation to bring reforms in the public education system thus supporting the growth of charter schools.


Betsy DeVos’ foundation was founded in the year 1989 by the couple, Dick and Betsy DeVos’. The foundation’s sole purpose is to promote leadership, enhance education transformation, and provide support in leadership, education, community, justice, and arts. In the year 2015, their foundation was ranked number 24 worldwide as one of the America’s top giver by Forbes. In the same year, the foundation gave out a charitable contribution worth $11.6 million. This brings to a total of $139 million charitable donations the family has made since its inception.


Large sums of donations have been to health researchers, Christian schools, hospitals, art organizations, and evangelistic missions by Betsy DeVos. Of the total contribution of $139 million, $100 million was donated between the year 1999 and 2014. Approximately $100 million went to Christian organizations. The organizations that have been funded by Betsy DeVos’ include Michigan Pregnancy Resource Center, Acton Institute, Baptists for Life, Michigan Foundation for Traditional Values, Right to Life Michigan Educational Center, Center for Individual Rights, and Institute for Justice.


Concerning education, the organization has extended its philanthropy work and financial giving to support schools. For instance, between the year 1999 and 2014, the agency sponsored many schools financially. Charter school received $5.2 million, public schools received $59,750, and private Christian schools received $8.6 million. About Christian schools, grand rapid Christian high school received $2.39 million, Holland Christian School received $458,000 and Ada Christian School received $652,000. This foundation has also established scholarships which run annually. The scholarships, known as Dick DeVos and Betsy, are freely awarded to students that earn them BBA at Northwood University. Betsy DeVos has championed nonprofit campaigns to making education reforms. She also found political support committees to help in attaining this goal.


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