Securus Technologies and the Future of Inmate Communications

Securus Technologies is a company based in Dallas that is one of the leading players providing law enforcement with criminal justice technology designed for prison staff and inmates. Recently, the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith, discussed how corrections technology is evolving alongside the rapid changes in communications in general. As someone who leads a company on the cutting edge of its field, he shared some predictions about the future.


Smith talked about a day when approved inmates will be able to use their own devices under the supervision of law enforcement as coordinated by Securus to communicate with individuals involved in their rehabilitation, access books and educational materials and generally use the time they are incarcerated in a positive manner. As far as inmates who aren’t serving lengthy sentences are concerned, modern digital technology will soon help them be processed by the system more efficiently and with greater transparency for all interested parties.


Smith certainly knows what he is talking about because Securus currently serves nearly 3,500 law enforcement and corrections organizations nationwide and offers a wide range of security products and services. Just as the communications revolution has had multiple positive effects in the mainstream world over the past ten years, Smith sees similar positive trends in corrections happening over the next ten years.