Daniel Taub: Respected former Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom

A diplomat is a person appointed by a government to represent the interests of that government in foreign missions. The mission could vary from peace negotiations, international conferences or even as ambassador. An ambassador is a term that is used to describe a diplomat who has been appointed to represent the interests of one government […]

Learn About Sahm Adrangi: Kerrisdale Capital Management’s Founder

Sahm Adrangi is a familiar name in the investment world. He began Kerrisdale Capital Management several years ago with only $1 million. After years of development, the firm is now proudly managing over $150 million. Even though Sahm Adrangi’s short selling profits might be fairly exceptional, he is in fact better known as a result […]

Jeremy Goldstein Take on Earnings per Share

It’s paramount for an organization or a business to operate in a sustainable economic environment for it to succeed. There are many factors that an institution should address to create such an environment. Lately, it has become harder to address the factors. Jeremy Goldstein has been in the entrepreneurial industry for years, and as a […]