How Bob Reina Created Talk Fusion

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the company which is based in Brandon, Florida. The first product his company sold was Video Email which allows user to send video through their email accounts. His company now has five products which are primarily used by other companies to market their products and services. He is also a philanthropist who believes to giving back to those in the communities in which his company operates. Learn more:

Before founding Talk Fusion, Bob Reina spent a decade as a police officer in Southern Florida. He wanted to become an entrepreneur and free himself from the limits his career put on him such as the time involved and the paychecks he received. He was first introduced to the world of network marketing while working one day directing traffic. He tried and failed a few times to get a company going. He would build a successful team but for one reason or another the company would fail and he would have to restart from the beginning.

In 2004 he was touring a home and wanted to send video of it so some family members. His email service, AOL, told him it wasn’t possible to email video. Bob Reina saw this as a problem he could solve and build a business around. He called a friend who had worked in IT for many years, Dr. Jonathan Chen, and they created Video Email which was launched in 2007. Learn more:

Talk Fusion’s products are sold around the world through independent contractors. As Bob Reina deeply believes in philanthropy, each person is given the opportunity to give all five of Talk Fusion’s products to the charity of their choice free of charge. This helps the charity spread its message and bring in larger amounts of donations. Learn more:

Over time Bob Reina has been able to balance his passion for working and his personal life. At the start of Talk Fusion he spent what he felt was too much time on building the company up. He has learned that he can be a more effective leadership by being more efficient and attending to his own life more.


About Market America Products

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Anthony Petrello – Philanthropist Extraordinaire

Tony Petrello is most recognized for being the Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries. However he also holds board positions in many other corporations and charities. Here is a list of a few of the organizations Anthony Petrello is actively involved in:
1. Media On Demand Incorporated
2. Texas Children’s Hospital
3. Houston Museum of Fine Arts
4. National Petroleum Council
5. Council of Foreign Relations
6. Periwinkle Foundation

Nabors Industries, like its Chief Executive Officer Anthony Petrello, holds a pretty positive reputation with their partners as well as their own employees. The most common responses from an employee of Nabors when asked about the company are, they pay a very generous wage and Nabors currently runs a one week on one week off schedule, and that it is a respectful and friendly environment to work in.

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Since college Anthony has been recognized for so many things by so many people, a few that are really worth mentioning would first include his 2014 United States ranking as the number 1 compensated Chief Executive Officers in the country with 68-million total compensation for the year. Second would be Tony’s involvement in Philanthropy with his over generous donations. Most recently, a donation in the amount of seven million to the Texas Children Hospital to help aid their Neurological Research Center.

It is truly remarkable, every advantage in the world and still taking time to support the little guys, what an inspiration.

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