Adam Milstein, the real east investor and philathropist

Adam Milstein is a Jewish America philanthropist and co-founder of Mila and Gina Family foundation which support charity initiatives. His philanthropic services are aimed to promote charity organization in America and Israel to strengthen working relationship. The foundation supports projects in areas of education, pro-Israel advocacy, and Jewish ideologies continuity. He is a community leader and real estate, investor. He studied MBA in Entrepreneurship at USC University and started his career in Commercial Real Estate in California in 1983.He also sits on several organizations board in Israel and America in the sector of philanthropy, education and Israel bilateral talks.

Adam Milstein philanthropic work is guided by three principles. First, is altruistic synergy principle which advocates for collaboration and strengthens organizations to amplify the impact of their activities. This is achieved through building partnerships with different agencies and institutions which work on the same objective of alleviating poverty and supporting social justice.

The second principle is active philanthropy which is calls for proactiveness in areas of interventions, financing, and programming. Active philanthropist across all programs by foundation staff who share foundation values; third is the principle of life path impact. The foundation program aligns their plans to cater to people in all stages of life. They set funds to support children, adolescents, and adult initiatives. The strategy ensures the organization walk hand in hand with target population in all stages of their lives, and learn more about Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein has acquired a lot of wealth and awarded several accolades in the line of his career. He says after gaining all that, it is not fulfilling, therefore he has decided to dedicate his wealth, expertise and resources to support philanthropic activities, and

Adam Milstein focused, and he follows up ideas till they came to reality. He keeps a diary and ensures he sends a constant reminder to his team members. Also, he agrees with it right to mentor and invests in your team member to motivate them to deliver results, and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

He attributes his success to discipline, constituency, follow-up, and persistence. He encourages those who want to follow his career path and philanthropy to offer themselves as solution givers and assets to their organizations, and Adam on Facebook.

How Bob Reina Created Talk Fusion

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the company which is based in Brandon, Florida. The first product his company sold was Video Email which allows user to send video through their email accounts. His company now has five products which are primarily used by other companies to market their products and services. He is also a philanthropist who believes to giving back to those in the communities in which his company operates. Learn more:

Before founding Talk Fusion, Bob Reina spent a decade as a police officer in Southern Florida. He wanted to become an entrepreneur and free himself from the limits his career put on him such as the time involved and the paychecks he received. He was first introduced to the world of network marketing while working one day directing traffic. He tried and failed a few times to get a company going. He would build a successful team but for one reason or another the company would fail and he would have to restart from the beginning.

In 2004 he was touring a home and wanted to send video of it so some family members. His email service, AOL, told him it wasn’t possible to email video. Bob Reina saw this as a problem he could solve and build a business around. He called a friend who had worked in IT for many years, Dr. Jonathan Chen, and they created Video Email which was launched in 2007. Learn more:

Talk Fusion’s products are sold around the world through independent contractors. As Bob Reina deeply believes in philanthropy, each person is given the opportunity to give all five of Talk Fusion’s products to the charity of their choice free of charge. This helps the charity spread its message and bring in larger amounts of donations. Learn more:

Over time Bob Reina has been able to balance his passion for working and his personal life. At the start of Talk Fusion he spent what he felt was too much time on building the company up. He has learned that he can be a more effective leadership by being more efficient and attending to his own life more.