Anthony Petrello – Philanthropist Extraordinaire

Tony Petrello is most recognized for being the Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries. However he also holds board positions in many other corporations and charities. Here is a list of a few of the organizations Anthony Petrello is actively involved in:
1. Media On Demand Incorporated
2. Texas Children’s Hospital
3. Houston Museum of Fine Arts
4. National Petroleum Council
5. Council of Foreign Relations
6. Periwinkle Foundation

Nabors Industries, like its Chief Executive Officer Anthony Petrello, holds a pretty positive reputation with their partners as well as their own employees. The most common responses from an employee of Nabors when asked about the company are, they pay a very generous wage and Nabors currently runs a one week on one week off schedule, and that it is a respectful and friendly environment to work in.

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Since college Anthony has been recognized for so many things by so many people, a few that are really worth mentioning would first include his 2014 United States ranking as the number 1 compensated Chief Executive Officers in the country with 68-million total compensation for the year. Second would be Tony’s involvement in Philanthropy with his over generous donations. Most recently, a donation in the amount of seven million to the Texas Children Hospital to help aid their Neurological Research Center.

It is truly remarkable, every advantage in the world and still taking time to support the little guys, what an inspiration.

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