Dick Devos Recap Article

In 1991, Dick DeVos stepped in on what he thought was a disastrous plan for Grand Rapids. He saw that construction was being taken away from Downtown Grand Rapids and placed north of the city’s center. DeVos had seen how these kind of moves played out in the past for Detroit.   For example, the […]

Bruno Fagali-The Lawyer to Look For

The name Bruno Fagali is a household name across Brazilian law society. In case you want some legal advice the best person to approach is Bruno Fagali. This is because he caters for a variety of clients from business owners to corporate executives. About Bruno Fagali Bruno Fagali is a prominent Brazilian attorney. He is […]

Bruno Jorge Fagali, the Self-Made Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is the co-founder of the FAGALI advocates. In his work, he is excellent and recognized as an expert in matters law. His career is focused on Public and Anti-Corruption Law. His law company usually looks for clients who can have concerns regarding administration contracts, civil liability methods, accountability procedures and administrative processes, bidding […]