Jason Hope at The Blacklist

In episode six of The Blacklist, Red turns to his accountant and confidante Jason Hope to help him move on from his past. After the brutal murder of his sister and her husband by the group who kidnapped him as a child, Red has put all that trauma behind him and is trying to rebuild his life. Jason Hope knows that he is willing to take on a new identity, but he needs someone who can help guide him in the right direction. Hope took care of things at home while Red was gone, organizing everything in their record-keeping system so they could focus on rebuilding their lives now. 


What Did Jason Hope Say About Himself in a Letter?


Jason Hope at the Blacklist



When Red went to see Hope after spending so many years away, he knew he would need all the help he could get. He took care of everything at home while the activist investor was gone. But it wasn’t until he got that letter from Jason Hope that he finally knew who he was. Littered with words like “accountant,” “confidante,” and “friend,” Hope’s letter gave Red Hope that he could trust Hope again. When Red opens the letter, he immediately sees a photo of Hope and his sister Madeline. 


Why Is Jason Hope the Person to Trust?

For all Red knows, Hope could be the one person who can provide answers about his past. Philanthropist Jason Hope has information about the people who kidnapped him, and he might even know where those people are now. If Red can get that information, he might be able to stop the violent cycle of revenge in which he’s been stuck in for so many years. But even more than that, philanthropist Jason Hope is someone Red knows helped him move on from his past. 


The Blacklist: How to Watch the Episode and What’s Next

After activist investor Hope’s letter, Red decided to leave Hope’s life. Instead of staying in that town, he headed to a new city and managed to start a new life. But Jason Hope wasn’t going to let Red go without knowing exactly where he was headed and what he would do in that new life. When Red sent Hope a text message, Hope replied with just one word: “Baltimore.” That was all Hope needed to know to feel confident that he knew where Red was going and what the new life would look like.