John Ritenour’s Profound Achievements in Insurance Business

Thirty years ago, John Ritenour began making headlines advocating for a positive work environment, overall success, and productivity. The entrepreneur sought to transform the top-heavy management notion within his company. He saw management transitions cancel incentive trips throughout his professional career, derail commission structures, and make sales plateaus unachievable. So he ventured forth to give producers the freedom to leverage their capacity as independent business owners to address these. As a result, the Insurance Office of America was initiated in 1988 by Valli and John Ritenour. The insurance company has grown to build a well-curated portfolio and employ thousands of team members and insurance producers.

The entrepreneur’s intuition to start an insurance business has seen him garner a myriad of industry accolades. His steadfast commitment and passion for running IOA saw the company augment its global footprints in Northern Ireland and the United States. John Ritenour’s personal and professional life has focused on developing an incredible work-life balance. His initial foray into the insurance business as a door-to-door salesman saw him work hard to carve a name for himself as a top producer quickly. With conscious effort, the entrepreneur worked towards investing in his employees and building a favorable corporate environment.

Nevertheless, John Ritenour believes that a positive environment plays a significant role in increasing profit and sales. His retirement saw his son take over his footsteps and blend into the IOA business arena. Intrigued with the prospects of redefining company culture, IOA merged with Gallaher Edge in 2020. Of course, this collaboration was geared towards enhancing inclusion and diversity among Insurance Office America’s employees. The management consulting firm Gallaher Edge has helped IOA nurture and promote talent from within the insurance business. Additionally, Gallaher Edge has developed a unique program to help IOA’s leaders fundamentally foster changes within the corporate business.