Steps for EVVY and the microbiology field

Microbiome testing is quickly becoming a standard of care for many medical conditions. New technologies are being developed to more accurately detect the full range of microbial species and provide more detailed information about those species. As microbiome research improves and expands, these tests will only become more accurate, reliable, and valuable. EVVY is an excellent tool for detecting BV, but it’s not a cure. You still need to treat BV and protect yourself from re-infection. The best way to prevent BV is by practicing safe sex. This includes using a dental dam during oral sex and a condom during vaginal sex. EVVY can be a valuable tool for many people, especially those who would not otherwise have access to testing and treatment.


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EVVY is currently the first commercially available at-home microbiome test kit. The product will be launched in early 2019. The launch was preceded by a robust marketing and sales campaign led by a new, in-house team. We have already hired a marketing director, and we will be launching an aggressive advertising campaign across the media landscape. The microbiology field is evolving rapidly, and research into the microbiome is booming. This has led to the discovery of new probiotic strains and the sequencing of previously unexamined flora samples. EVVY can be used to detect any of these bacteria using metagenomics. This opens the door to a future of microbiome analysis, where any sample that the lab can handle is probed for its microbiome using next-generation sequencing technology.

EVVY is compliant with the FDA’s 510k clearance and has been evaluated for safety and performance by several independent laboratories.

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