The Journey of Bhanu Choudhrie: From Businessman to Philanthropist

Bhanu Choudhrie is a London-based entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder and director of C&C Alpha Group, an investment holding company with interests in aviation, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, and other sectors.

Born in India, Choudhrie was educated at Boston University and Harvard Business School. He began his career working in finance in New York City before moving to London in 2001 to launch C&C Alpha Group.

Since then, Choudhrie has built a successful business career while engaging in philanthropic work. He is a trustee of the Muir Maxwell Trust, a UK-based charity that supports children with epilepsy. He also sits on the board of directors of the American India Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to drive social and economic change in India.

In recognition of his work in business and philanthropy, Choudhrie has received several awards, including the prestigious Asian Achievers Award for Business Leader of the Year in 2013.

Bhanu Choudhrie believes there’s an opportunity for every child to succeed in life regardless of their background. He wants to help young people reach their potential by providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

This is why Bhanu Choudhrie supports initiatives that provide educational opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. He has also donated to charities that provide healthcare and other essential services to those in need.

His contributions to the healthcare sector are motivated by his personal experiences. His father, who passed away in 2013, underwent a heart transplant at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York. Choudhrie was inspired by the care his father received at the medical center and has since donated to the institution to support its work.

In addition to his work in business and philanthropy, Choudhrie is also an accomplished pilot. He is a qualified helicopter and fixed-wing pilot and has flown solo worldwide.

As an entrepreneur, Bhanu Choudhrie has a proven track record of success. He is a dynamic and innovative thinker who has built a successful business career while also positively impacting the world through his philanthropic work.