This is how Sparkasse Bank Malta views the Supply-Chain Tech and Logistics Marketplace

Sparkasse Bank has an institutional portfolio with customers spanning all market segments. A long-term relationship with Sparkasse Bank is therefore a key priority for all our customers. For example, Sparkasse Bank offers a single solution for all our fund-raising needs, which includes different modules from all aspects of the transaction, including Sales and Relationship Management. The relationship management part is called the Sparkasse Guide and comprises of four core modules: Financing, Agreements, Investment Accounting and Pre-funding.

Customers who choose to outsource their contract management, including due diligence, will be able to benefit from even more powerful portfolio analytics. The development and the operation of logistics services are a vital part of any bank’s business. The transformation to an e-commerce-driven economy means that not only the way customers purchase products, but also the way that products are produced and delivered has changed drastically.

The need for order fulfillment and fast delivery from any vendor will therefore inevitably evolve. An investment banker will therefore have a strong interest in anything that can help support this revolution. Logistics is a sector with a global outlook and an extremely tight margin of profit. Every day it is one step further away from the customer and its network. At this critical stage, we must not lose sight of the fact that the market is at an inflexion point. The IT space is seeing a great deal of disruption at the moment. While the impact of these technological advancements is readily apparent, their development in terms of the wider economy has been highly unpredictable.

This is an area in which Sparkasse Bank Malta is keen to play an active role. The aim of the IT investment project is to develop an innovative platform that can meet the future challenges of the market. Sparkasse Bank Malta supports clients in delivering innovative solutions for their customers, their supply chain operations, and most importantly their business models. As a long-term provider of financial solutions, its priorities are to align products according to clients’ needs.

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