Tom Keane: Making Electronics Possible

Tom Keane leads a global engineering team focused on building out the Azure cloud computing platform. At Microsoft, they are building the cloud to allow companies around the globe to adopt Azure quickly and easily. As the corporate vice president overseeing Azure’s infrastructure, Tom Keane leads an organization dedicated to building services like Azure Data Centers, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Backup, and Azure Disaster Recovery. 


These services help customers protect themselves against cyber attacks, natural disasters, and human error. He also oversees the company’s global cybersecurity strategy and compliance efforts. As Tom Keane states, Microsoft has a long history of supporting developers and helping them succeed. Whether you’re an indie game developer looking for funding or a Fortune 500 company wanting to save money, our platform gives you the freedom you have been looking for.


It gives you freedom, overall, to create your code. Windows, Office 365, SQL Server, OneDrive, and Azure Cloud Platform are just some of the products available. As a space developer, you’ll become an expert on the latest industry trends and best practices. Tom Keane adds that you will also benefit from innovative features like AI-powered chatbots and advanced analytics backed by a 24/7 technical support team. Learn more about becoming a space developer here. 


Tom Keane explains about their partnership. Microsoft is working with Airbus and other leading companies in the global space community to accelerate access to high-quality satellite imagery and elevation data to provide our customers with an unmatched level of insight into the Earth’s surface. According to Tom Keane, space data can transform entire industries and help us create new paradigms! Through partnerships and collaborations, we will provide access to this data, making it easier for you and your team to get started with using space data. 

We also offer tools to help you manage and analyze this data. Finally, we also provide an extensive ecosystem of services to make it easy to integrate spatial data into your existing solutions. Semiconductor devices are at the heart of everything we see around us today. From smartphones and TVs to medical devices and space exploration technology, semiconductors provide the foundation for making electronics possible. Tom Keane explains that semiconductors are also critical to developing advanced computing systems and the Internet of Things. While the semiconductor industry is still a tiny portion of the overall economy, its impact on global growth continues to grow.